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Replacement tyres?!

I am ordering the Cannondale CAAD 8 105 2015 bike but have seen multiple negative reviews on the tyres it comes with (Schwalbe Luganos).  What is the best tyre to replace these with?  I have to date ridden on the tyres that came on my previous bike, Carrera TDF 2014 and have had no problems with these until I rode over some ice, which is to be expected, and fell over (not removing feet in time!).  I want something that protects against punctures but also moves well.  Bike and tyres are mostly used for training and commuting with two tri's this year so I'm not looking to come first in anything, just finish in a reasonable time!  Ride on rubbish roads (don't we all) and am only little!


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    Jamie220Jamie220 Posts: 168

    Hi Meachley, I've just fitted Continental GatorSkins to my Genesis after reading lots of good reviews online, seem perfect for training/commuting on rough roads, very pleased so far!

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    I use Michelin's on all my wheels, dynamic sport on my training wheels, lithion2 on my vision trimax race wheels and I'm just about to buy some deep carbon race wheels which I will be using Michelin pro 4's on.

    The dynamic sport are a good training tyre, can get them for £16 for the 2

    the lithion's are lighter and more flexible than the dynamic sports and are about £25 a pair, not had a problem with them, great on British road

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    thank you!  I have looked at the Gatorskins and am undecided.  I have looked at Conti GPs which look quite good.  I will look at the Michelin's as haven't as yet - too much to chose from! thank you

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    Andrew4Andrew4 Posts: 190

    I ride GPs - great tires, fantastic grip and generally very good puncture resistance and roll very nicely. Not cheap but a great set of wheels for training, commuting and racing on.

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    thanks guys - i am either going with the GPs or the michelin ones as above as they do look good too!

    thank you for narrowing it down!

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    risris Posts: 1,002

    depending on the conditions you commute in, personally i'd go for gp4000s or gp 4seasons.

    the 4000s are cracking tyres and great value for money.

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    I ride the caad 8 with original tyres and have had no problem ..I am upgrading after winter, thought it would be pointless forking out out before then..
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    ah right thanks - the reviews on wiggle were ok but other reviews had everyone falling off!

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