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Aero or not to Aero

I am in the market for a new bike. Based on my budget the Giant Propel 2 2015 is possible. I am however torn between this and the TCR equivalent. To throw into the mix a Felt AR5 as an alternative? What should I do anyone with in depth knowledge/experience. I cycle to train rather than for enjoyment, I am around 2:30 Olympic and 1.15 Sprint at the moment. I have read endless reviews and I know best options are to find an ride the bikes but my nearest Giant that's open is undergoing a refurb and the Felt isn't stocked any where even close.


  • I have a TCR advanced. Use it for 120 plus milers, ironman events, and shorter distance. Couldn't fault it really. Saying that, nearly went for the propel instead, but due to ccycling around the hilly yorks dales thought I wouled go for something that would prove to be a bit more comfortable.  I was happy with my choice. 

  • Thanks for the response! I'm lucky to not have many hills so I am more drawn to to propel, only issues are the max 23 tyres and the different brakes! Enjoy those hills!
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