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Cramp in the arch of my foot when swimming

Hi, Any advice would be much appreciated.

Every time I swim any distance over 1km I get cramp in the arch of my right foot.

Is there anything I can do to stop this happening ?



  • robevansonrobevanson Posts: 12
    Glad to hear I'm not the only one who suffers from this. I have no advice I'm afraid, only that mine appears to happen less the more I swim. But when it does, I must look like a right sight as I try to flex/stretch out my foot while still trying to swim.
  • Thanks rob - I have the same thoughts as I try and stretch my foot, I"m swimming four times a week at the mo in preparation for Hyde park and thankfully it has eased a bit, thanks for replying and good luck
  • Having read up on this issue in a lot of forums, I suffer myself, it can be attributed to several key issues:

    Tight muscles, including calves and lower leg. For this stretch out just prior to swimming and massage your feet during the week.

    Dehydration - drink plenty of water, with electrolytes, throughout the day before training and day before.

    Lack of potassium. Get more bananas, especially on the day of training.

    Weak leg muscles. More kick training using a float as part of your drill sessions.

    I hope this helps.
  • robevansonrobevanson Posts: 12
    Thanks will, there's a lots to think about there. I've read too that it can be caused by flexibility issues. I've come from a running background initially, and this can be a factor for tight muscles in that area.
  • HarryDHarryD Posts: 425


    Runners require tight spring like muscles often with limited ranges of movements whereas swimmers require good flexibility and often hyper-mobility in the foot/ankle complex for a good kick.

    Plantar flexing the foot to point your toes requires the muscles in your foot to shorten to the extreme of their range. This is when they are at their weakest and so must likely to cramp as they tire after even a small amount of work.

    As Rob say expect the cramps to reduce as you swim more and your feet adapt to the kicking position. Obviously a more flexible/mobile ankle will help reduce the work required of the muscles in your foot arch. Strengthening exercises should include some that include your foot in the plantar flexed position.

    Hope this helps 

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