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fitting in training

I am new to triathlon and am doing the London Triatlon in July. So I've 15 weeks left to get myself in a position where I can at least finish.

I'll start with the best (it goes down hill from here)

I'm a reasonable swimmer and train between 0 and 3 times a week depending on when I can fit it in around work and other committments, I tend to do around 2k of swimming in roughly 45 mins, a mixture of drills, speed and endurance work. I'm happy with the swim.

I am a relatively new cyclist and am very slow. I am doing most of my cycling training as part of my commute to work. Generally 2 x 40min cycles 3 times a week sometimes slightly more an I've recently done a couple of 50mile rides (very slowly - around 10mph) on weekends. Is this going to be enough training, I am timing my rides and working on increase rpms, I'm also varying routes to include some hillier sessions.

I am not running at all at the moment because I've had a calf injury, which seems to have now recovered so I plan to start following a 12 week - 10k plan. At the moment I can only manage about 2-3k at best and at the end of it I'm a sweating gibbering mess. Past experience tells me that in around 6-8 weeks I should be able to get myself up to running a staight 5k and I'm hoping that the rest of the time I have combined with a general increase in fitness will carry me the rest of the way. Am I being overly optimistic.

Here is my real problem, in addition to the above I have to fit in work (normal 9-5) I also row, 2 nights training (1 hour sessions) and regattas on weekends, and am walking the south west coast path (average 12 miles per weekend). I tend to treat my weekend walk day as my rest day. I generally avoid running on days when I am either cycling or rowing.

Is 2 x 45m swimming, 4 x 30m running/walking, 8 x 40m cycling + 1 x 2hr cycling (+ 2 x 1 hr rowing + 1 x 6 hr walking) enough/to much/unfocused

Advice and comments please



  • BlinkybazBlinkybaz Posts: 1,144
    opinions will be differing on here,

    I would say that you need to enjoy the triathlon as well as finish it.

    With the swimming I gather you are doing front crawl which is good. Is the tri OD or a sprint?

    With the run thing, its hard for us all to get in enough training so it gets fitted around other stuff. Some people run at lunch times and other befire wirk to fit it in. I run at least twice a week and hate it. I have never been a good runner and never will be but I do it as its part of the sport. As for are you doing enough? well maybe you are and maybe you arent. We all need different levels of training to suit our body needs for fitness. If you will be running 5 K in 8 weeks and you have 12 weeks of training plan that means you should be at 8 K by the race and the extra 2 will fly past.

    As for cycling thats a different matter. if you are going to be slow then you will need to get use to people passing you on race day.
    When you say you are going to increase your RPM do you mean upto around 90? Lots of cycling is about being in the right gear for you and keeping you cadence going at a maintainable rate. ( i am not an expert but have improved to 17.4 average MPH so it works).

    Get some double sessions in as well. We call them bricks. Some after a ride run a few K'2 to get your legs use to running off the bike. Its a weird feeling almost like your legs arent your own.

    Hope this helps

  • Event is OD

    Front crawl for swimming - I'm doing a bit of open water swimming as well as everything else and also have a few swimming events plannned so I'm really happy with this.

    I used to do a bit of running with a tri club where we did brick work, (run-ride-run-ride-run-ride circuits) I'd forgotten about that so thanks for the reminder, I have a lovely 1k run + 5k bike ride circuit nearby I'll give that a go, I used to find this a much more acceptable way of fitting in my running training, it's great for reminding you how the legs can feel.

    I was trying to get up to 90rpm, easier gears etc but it's slow progress, I have a lot to learn and I think I don't always get the balance between quantity and quality quite right.

    I've just joined a club, I hoping some of the cumulative exerience and knowledge of the other members will rub off
  • MarshalMarshal Posts: 4
    It is good to know that and i would like to say that just keep on doing this and make it habit because the main thing is to focus on doing the things and take challenge.
  • StenleyStenley Posts: 4
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