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I've got some cool looking Sunwise polycarbonates but they condense up due to the corrective insert. There must be other myopics out there. What do you use? Same goes for goggles - wasn't concerned in the pool but as I want to get into open water, I'd prefer to see where I was going. Any advice gratefully recieved!


  • I use Leeda goggles with corrective lenses for pool / open water training cost £30, but Speedo do some as well.


    then run/cycle change into sunglasses with a corrective plastic insert in front of the shaded lens from Optilabs (usually advertise in 220 in the summer).

    My lens will only mist up if I stop for long periods of time.

    I hope that helps

  • doogledoogle Posts: 58

    I know the opticians out there will say don't do it but i wear contact lenses for the full thing. I use Speedo Rift mask style goggles and then Bloc or oakleys on the bike to keep the wind etc. out. Never had a problem with doing this.

  • Jamie220Jamie220 Posts: 168

    Hi Laparotastic, you might like to check this out for some tips:


  • orayner15orayner15 Posts: 2
    Contact lenses are the answer. As long as you have well fitting goggles swimming is no problem. It's still a novelty being able to see where I'm going! You can then get a reasonably priced per of shades that will work for the bike and run. I use monthly lenses except for the days I open water swim when I use a daily pair. Never had a problem.
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