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This is my first post, so please be gentle!

I have started a tt bike build to use this season. I am coming up with a few issues and was wondering if anyone can help me:

I have the frame attached to my stand (clamp across the top tube), however the front fork will not stay straight, keeps spinning round to one side. Should it do this or could there be an issue with how i have attached it to the frame?

* setting up my gears - i am attempting to set up my front mech, i can attached the cable and get it all working fine until the handlbars move either left or right and it messes everything up. What am i doing wrong? I dont have a barrel adjuster attached

* aero bars - i have a s et of vision aero bars which use the F.A.S.T. System. I cannot adjust the length of the ski's. Can someone explain how i use the tool.

I have upgraded most parts of my road bike with success so i thought i had an idea what i was doing so thought i would give a build a go!



  • Andrew4Andrew4 Posts: 190

    My two pennies worth on your points (except F.A.S.T no help there).

    1. Fork... have you tightened everything up to the necessary torque? If its a bit loose that might be the problem.

    2. Front mech - I may have misinterpreted but it sounds to me like you're saying the cable tension is changing, and thereby moving the mech when you turn the bars? Not sure how you have achieved that but do you have ample cable, i.e. the loop between the shifters and the frame - the extra cable in the outers allows any subtle changes due to the turning the bars to be cancelled out by the flex in the outers rather than increasing the tension down the cable which, obviously affects the mech.

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