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Dead Legs!

Hi all, I'm new to the forum but not to triathlon! 

I know from training and from races I need to strengthen my legs, especially my hamstrings. Does anyone have any tips? I really struggle with them and I am willing to put the effort in to build them up!

Many Thanks, 


  • HarryDHarryD Posts: 425


    Stronger hamstrings, are you sure? Bike is mostly glutes & quads. Run is mostly glutes, quads & calves.

    If your hamstrings are tight/tired/cramping/pulling and generally not at ease then get a sports physio to check that your glutes are working correctly. Faulty glutes are often compensated for by over active hamstrings.

    You may also want to get your running gait analysed but that will be trickier because most coaches & physio's I've come across don't truly understand running action. Gait analysis in a shoe shop will often be a waste of time.

  • HarryD

    Thanks for the response. To be honest I didn't realise that! My ham's are not tight or neither do they cramp, I am just aware they seem small in comparison to my quads and so I assumed I needed to build them up??

    I will be getting my gait reviewed for sure, I need new trainers and so have planned to do this. Interesting though, I always assumed I needed to build them up!

  • Gav,

    I suffer from short hamstrings and have been advised from the Physio to set some time aside for a stretching session, I now incorporate this into my core-strength session once a week, there are plenty of web-based suggestions on how to stretch your hamstrings, but I would suggest getting a foam roller (best advice I have ever had) and use it to roll your hams prior to going for a run or the morning of a race. 

    Sit in the tricep dip position with the roller under your hamstrings and roll backwards and forwards.  This will stretch and warm them, allowing for a longer stride on the run which should reduce stress and pain. It works for me.

    Good luck

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