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I currently own a Giant Defy 2 2012 which does not have that many miles on the wheels as I was more focused on running the last few years, including a few marathons last year, mainly to loose weight

I am doing a few 70.3 this year (Outlaw and Dublin) and have been thinking about a new bike, I was looking at a Felt AR5.

However I wondered if it would be worth upgrading a few things on the Defy instead and if that was the best option what should I do first?

Lastly being a 200lb+ guy who needs to loose at least 14 pounds, I often wonder if a new bike or upgrades will make that much difference!!!

Thanks for any comments/suggestions



  • If you are going to upgrade the defy then wheels are always a good starting point.  The best way for you to get faster will be to get lighter without a doubt but that is not a quick fix.   A shiny new bike always make you at least 20% faster though,  that is a fact! 

    Pi just upgraded my defy 1 to a Propel and it should make a bit of a difference but not loads,  I probably won't be much quicker but should be more efficient so fresher on the run.  

    I'm doing outlaw half as well, see you there

  • You'll benefit from enhanced comfort on the bike over the longer distance and come off it more able to run - if you opt for a proper TT machine that is.... so if you're planning on upgrading i wouldn't look at the Felt you mention. Fuji, Cannondale and the likes of Dolan, Ribble and Planet-X all do good value Tri bikes at that budget.

    You won't get much for yours selling it on though if that was linked to the purchase of the new machine

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