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Hi guys,

I am training for my first Ironman which will be the one in Wales in September this year for Scope. I am not built for long distance so this is a challenge!!

I have a Garmin Edge Touring device and a 910 watch. Does anyone know if i can download the bike / run routes to these devices? 

Thanks in advance for any advice and if anyone fancies sponsoring meor sharing my link for a good cause my link is:

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  • Did you ever find the answer for this?  Pretty sure they will be on mapmyride or garmin connect for you to download, as long as someone has their routes public you should be able to take it.

  • There's this one I found a while back - http://www.mapmyride.com/gb/tenby-wls/new-ironman-wales-bike-course-route-62588676

    But I can't actually see when it was created! I found it by typing in Ironman Wales 2014 so it may be accurate or there abouts  

  • risris Posts: 1,002

    the link provided on the IM Wales website:


    can be exported as a .kml or .gpx. whether a 910 can accept those, i have no idea, though. 

  • Well done on commiting to your first ironman. I completed my first last year, also for scope. My advice would be to join the Ironman Wales 2015 and the Ironman Journey Facebook groups as part of your support. You will find past and present Ironmen in both. From total amateur to GB athlete you will find regular weekend laps of both the ironman uk and ironman wales courses at different speeds. May be worth looking at joining up with one. I worked out the Ironman UK course hanging off the wheel of someone much better and it helps with the motivation.

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