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ITU Hyde Park - Open Age Group

For the last two years I've done the Virgin Triathlon, with last years being a real disappointment. So this year I've switched to the ITU Hyde Park and I'm just after any advice or information about how the event compares. It looks like an early 7 am draw this time round, do they operate starting waves? Any advice on the bike run course, they both look quite flat. There's not a wealth of information on their site at the moment apart from tentative starting blocks and a course map.


  • bathtubbathtub Posts: 280

    There is only a basic schedule on the event webpage but this does state that it is only provisional and subject to change.

    Normally when the schedule is finalised and confirmed nearer to the event there is usually a comprehensive "Athletes Guide" available to view/download.

    Good luck with your race.

  • Andrew4Andrew4 Posts: 190


    I train in Hyde Park Lido regularly and often cycle to and from and have also done the Royal Parks Half which spends a lot of time winding around the park. I have also done Virgin the last couple of years.

    General observations:

    Running in the area has a number of undulations, whilst generally these aren't as steep as the short pull into the Excel on each lap you may find yourself riding or running on a shallow incline for a longer period of time that the short blasts at Virgin.

    The bike course is more of an inner city course, by definition it has more of the characteristic ITU stops and starts whereas Virgin obviously has much longer uninterrupted stretches of riding - your bike handling will be better and some sprint training to get you out of the corners is likely to benefit you.

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