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Hi All, 

I'm getting a new bike for the other half who is an ex GB athlete and has now taken to old-fart triathlon quite well... We got a fantastic deal on a tri bike last year but we now need to get her a road bike as she's doing some drafting triathlons in Spain where we live. I'd therefore really appreciate any pearls of wisdom that the expert collective would care to give on a number of questions:

- Dura-Ace or Ultegra on a Boardman 9.8? rationale?

- manual or Di2? (She has Di2 on the tri bike; I think she's spoilt and should learn to change gears properly !) rationale?

- crank lengths for a 170cm woman with long legs? rationale?

Your thoughts much appreciated, always useful to get real world advice in addition to bike shops and articles  




  • risris Posts: 1,002

    crank lengths... personal thing really - has she ever been properly bike fitted and what is she riding on the tt bike? there may be a logic in assuming the same as that bike in the avoidance of any other knowledge. if i was blowing decent money on a high spec bike i wouldn't be doing it without a proper fit that would identify this sort of thing. 

    as for dura ace / ulty and manual over electronic, what does she want to ride? it's her bike, after all. i'm not convinced that the difference in quality between dura ace and ultegra would be worth it for me, but i'm likely to ride any bike i have in all conditions and probably not clean the drivechain as often as i should. at the end of the day if the money isn't an issue and the bike will be looked after then why not.

    not sure how di2 stops you changing gear properly!   the thing to learn is when to change and you still have to do that. the electronic bit just smooths it out. 

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