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Bike dilema-Which Canyon?

I'm currently riding a home-built bike made up of a Specialized Allez aluminium frame (circa 2008-10) with carbon forks, 105 group set with tiagra shifters and shimano R500 wheels. It weighs in at just under 10Kg and with a pair of clip on aerobars does what's required of it in sprint triathlons and when training. Moving into this new season and looking ahead to the next I'm weighing up options for upgrading to a proper 'race' bike. I'm currently discounting a full-blown TT/tri bike as some of the roads around me aren't that great surface/pothole-wise and most of the country lanes are a bit too twisty with blind corners for hammering around on something that isn't consistently as responsive (generally) as a road bike.

I've been taken by three of Canyon's offerings due to the good value spec (a huge plus as I'm a university student);

1. Aeroad CF SLX 7.0 (£2699) with Ultegra 6800, Mavic Cosmic Carbone SLE WTS Exalith 2 wheels, full aero frame and weighing 7.15Kg -


2. Ultimate AL SLX 9.0 Aero (£2599) with Dura-Ace, Reynolds Assault Carbon Clincher wheels and weighing 6.95Kg -


3. Ultimate AL SLX 9.0 SL (£1799) with SRAM Force 22, Mavic Ksyrium SLS WTS wheels and weighing 6.95Kg -


Any thoughts on those three/which is your preference based on riding them etc.? I know that the Aeroad and Ultimate AL both have good reviews in general and am unsure which would be the best to plump for. To be honest I'm probably favouring the Aeroad currently as most of my races are on relatively flat or undulating courses and the marginal weight 'penalty' over the Ultimate's (seems to be mainly from the wheel set being ~300g heavier) most likely wouldn't be of any real consequence when I start climbing in the country lanes around me. It's just whether the Ultimate AL Aero for £100 less with Dura-Ace and aero wheels but not an aero frame would be as good per se as the Aeroad. Or whether going for the Ultimate AL SLX 9.0 SL for considerably less money and no aero features would be the better option?

Sorry for the long post-just wanted to give as much context as possible.

Many thanks in advance!


  • I'm also looking at the Aeroad but wondering how on earth you fit clip on bars on the Aeroad handlebars... If it's any help, I'm thinking of getting the Aeroad instead of the Speedmax - they're basically the same frame and having ridden a Speedmax it's FAST!  

  • Canyon are looking at producing clip-ons for the Aeroad.  Not sure when, but that was the info I was given from them.

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