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Talkback: Chrissie Wellington on... Beating body confidence issues

Hear hear!


  • Jamie220Jamie220 Posts: 168

    Yep we thought it's a really important point she's making, relevant not only to triathletes but everyone really

  • VLHCVLHC Posts: 6
    You definitely wouldn't look at me and think I was as Ironman, so I'm glad you captured me exiting the swim at Challenge Weymouth last year where I set a new PB. I love the diversity of athletes you get within triathlon, even at Ironman events :-)
  • M4rtM4rt Posts: 1
    Very well said! I recently bought my first tri-suit, feeling self conscious I wore a running top over it. After overheating I took it off. I passed people I know, other runners etc and nobody made a comment! If you push your limits, this us what everyone sees, not the lumps and bumps that everyday life has added. Stay awesome!
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