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Hi, I have been reading forums are articles surrounding this topic but I wanted some more personalised advice.

I am 25 and started triathlon two years ago, my best time (severely limited by swim) was 2:29. Since the end of last season I have improved my training routine and my numbers suggest that I will be aiming for sub 2:15 this year.

Previously I have raced on my basic Cannondale CAAD8 road bike with no aero bars. I am looking to buy a new bike for the season with a budget of 3k, but am unsure weather to go for a full TT bike or a road bike with aero bars and deep rim wheels.

I feel that I would get more use out of the road bike (which is a factor considering the price) and that with the extra time in the saddle I would be training my muscles more specifically to that geometry and possibly be more efficient at generating power on the bike than a TT bike I only did a few sessions and races on. On the other hand I worry that putting aero bars on a road bike would affect my position and have a negative impact.

Can anyone offer some advice and maybe suggest a few bikes to look at?



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