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TT or road bike on turbo trainer?

I compete in triathlons on a TT bike. Working overseas and I don't have TT bike with me. Does it matter if all my training is on a road bike on a turbo trainer (I guess I can't practice cycling in aero position)? Or should I really be training on TT bike on turbo? Many thanks for any advice.


  • Andrew4Andrew4 Posts: 190

    In an ideal world obviously being about to get down in your aero set up is going to be better than being sat up on a road bike. Additionally your are going to be slightly "further back" in relation to the BB on your road bike I would imagine.

    You can obviously mitigate some of this, moving your seat as far forward as possible and possibly even mimicking the ITU position of forearms on the bars (without the worries of steering the turbo this shouldn't cause instability issues).

    In reality these are minor points though... will you be as fast and as comfortable as you would be training on your TT bike? realistically no. Can you still boost your strength and bike speeds in a way that can provide you substantial benefits? Yes. The reality is if you can "train right" on the "wrong" bike that is still likely to render more benefits than training "wrong" on the "right" bike.

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