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Has anyone any experience of having a bike fit they'd be willing to share..... I am giving serious consideration to booking one


  • Book it if you have serious doubts about your fit. Otherwise, if youre already comfy on your bike, its gonna be a useless expense.
  • HarryDHarryD Posts: 425

    Jeremy, book it. Feeling comfy on your bike and delivering optimum performance are not always the same.

    My comfort range is about 6cm of seat height difference on my road bike. Can cycle all day wherever in that range; up mountain & down dale. However, can output more power & speed in the higher position though. The position determined by a bike fit.

    Have tried the inside leg x various ratios & for me they were garbage. Also tried the standard knee over pedal measurements & again don't work for me.

    If I change my bike set up I find going back to the bike fit measurements gets me back on track. My fit was a Retul with Bike Science

    Hope this helps


  • Definitely recommend getting one done. I've been riding a very long time and at times I'd say pretty high end but when I got a bike fit just before the new year it identified some real errors in my position and stroke. My saddle dropped 2 inches and I got some great advice over allowing my ankle to flex which I'm still getting used to but it is starting to feel better and more efficient than what I used to do.

  • risris Posts: 1,002

    i've had one (for my road bike) and am having one for my tt later this week. i'm really glad i had one for the roadie, i found it was really positive to have someone spend some time focussing on how i rode my bike and what might improve my efficiency, comfort and enjoyment!

  • Best money I ve spent had two done
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