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Probably a stupid question, but.....

.........(and to be honest not one that I am going to have to face for at least a year)............

..........as I've got a bike with gears, wheels, brakes etc. (Carrera Vanquish - so not brilliant but ok kit) is it really worth my while splashing out big cash on a new bike, or would it be worth while getting a better/higher spec frame and just sticking all my old kit on it in the short term?

This would allow me to spread the cost of upgrading over a year or two, allowing me to pick and choose the components, wheels etc. and not being dictated by the bike manufactuer.

I suppose that the bike companies get discounts on the bits they stick on bikes, but can't imagine it's going to cost a massive % more.

The other advantage is that I might be able to sneak smaller purchases under the Wifey Radar [;)]

Your thoughts are appreciated


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    djtvdjtv Posts: 28

    I reckon we are getting near to the time of year where we will start to see 2008 bikes being reduced to clear stock for next year. It may be worth looking around in a few weeks to see what deals are available on a shiney new bike. You can ebay your old one and use the cash to fund the whole bike vs. the frame! It may be a few weeks ahead of shedule but may be worth it. You could even use the old one through the winter to stop the new one getting dirty then sell it in the spring.

    I find that "I sold the old one on ebay so the new one was only £xx" tends to work for spousal approval[:D]


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    treefrogtreefrog Posts: 1,242
    Good advice the European bike expo is in the first week in September in (Fredrichstaffen) and all the 2009 models are revealed, once this happens most shops have their clearance sales. One word of warning - popular sizes 54-57cm are either not in stock or get sold out very quickly so if you need one of these sizesget in early
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