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Talkback: Battling through exhaustion in the black of night at The Race – blog

Super Report from Markus, a gentleman also, i had the pleasure of meeting him. Thats were the pleaseure stopped. I added my quick fire roud up on the event below. You might note the Sarcasim.

The weather would have closed airports, the bike was sideways for the Full 170k, No exaggerations

The Coast guard cancelled the kayak so we had a marathon to start with instead (That’s some start to a day)

Bike was as above crazy stuff head down waiting for the Direction to change

It was also a Deluge of rain from we started till we finished

5K Mtn Run Vertical Ascent took 1:05 says i all really

First time i have seen Waterfalls go back up hill

120kmh winds on the mountain

Second cycle was unreal, Lonely desolate places with not even trees were growing

Then it got dark, the rain got heavier, the hills got longer

It was mental

The last run (Marathon) was run shuffle walk, moved down the hills and slowed goin up them

But it was pitch black

The biggest Mind Games ever played on anybody

Things i learnt:

I am Madder than I thought, didnt think it was possible

We don’t have hills (In east of Ireland) Donegal do

We don’t have Bad weather Donegal does

Quote of the race from the briefing

“We Designed this course for you not to finish”

Best Regards,

Ruaidhrí Stewart

Co Louth

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