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Recovering from an injury an Ironman 9 weeks away?

Hi Everyone!

I need some guidance and wisdom please regarding Ironman training.

I have been following Don Finks IronFit for my first Ironman France 2011 in Nice. In am recovering from a bad crash on my mountain bike that put me in hospital! Basically concussed, blacked out, badly bruised my kidney's & my back muscles are in major spams etc. Very sore and difficult to move etc, so do not have full range of movement yet!

I have missed 5 weeks of training and am still not full fit to return to full training.

I need to know what is the best way to address this training gap?

I am going to try and swim, cycle and run this week to see how I do.

Do I just do the best? I can and go back a couple of weeks from where I was in Don Finks schedule so I do not complete the plan, or do I look at where I am am just do my best around my current recovering injury.

To add another problem I have Edinburgh Marathon in 5 weeks, and was expecting to do just over 3hrs but will need to re-evaluate that. If I can run injury free by then 3hrs 20 my be more realistic.

Generally I am an ultra runner so use to 24hrs on my feet and suffering so I know I can turn up and suffer but I want to compete, and feel I am as prepared as I can be under the circumstances.

Any advice appreciated.
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