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Need advice

Hi all,

I was an athlete who mainly participated in marathon events until two and a half years ago. I had to quit from athletics after suffering from an ACL injury. I had to take surgery from an ACL injury clinic in Toronto and it took almost 6 months to completely recover. I miss athletics and wants to start doing it again, but I am scared that this injury occur again. I would like some advice on if chances of injury happen again if I start participating in athletic events again. After staying away for more than a year from entire athletics, how should I start training without chances of injuring myself? Any advice or suggestion will be appreciated



  • HarryDHarryD Posts: 425

    Get a good physio to assess your current status & get them to advise on conditioning and starting to run. Be cautious throughout as you've got a lifetime in front of you.


  • Andrew4Andrew4 Posts: 190

    William - had a full ACL reconstruction and partial meniscectomy in October. Have been in tri training properly since Feb and got signed off for a full return to racing last week and a graduated return to contact sports.

    The motions of running are very unlikely to cause problems if you have had a reconstruction. My surgeon told me that statistically speaking I'm more likely to tear the other ACL running than I am to re-tear the fixed one. Make of that what you will.

    I would caution though that going back to serious running after any knee surgery does come with it a slightly higher chance of osteoarthritis but seeing as we are talking 10-15% for fully fit runners vs as low as 20-25% (but can be much greater based on severity of surgery) its not a massive shift. Also worth noting that the two biggest indicators for long term knee trouble after ACL reconstruction are:

    1. extensive (50% plus) meniscetomy; and

    2. being overweight

    Definitely consult a physio or surgeon if you have doubts about whether you can run comfortably or if you have any difficulties or pain but my surgeon was very keen to stress that its better (for knees) to be light but run than to be heavier and a non-runner. Go figure.

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