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Bit of advice required

Hi All....Started Tri training in Jan and have entered the Sprint distance at Windsor and the Olympic distance at Stowe,,,,I do however have loads of questions....so I'll start with these.

1. I Run and Cycle with a HR Monitor, should I wear it during the race so I can pace myself etc or do I ditch it  ???

2. Tri suit - do I need one should I get a one piece or separate shorts and top or wear something else.

3. Is it a good idea to have puncture resistant tyres,,if so what are a good cheap'ish buy (this Triathlon lark has already cost me a small fortune) ??


  • risris Posts: 1,002

    hi GoG - welcome to the forums!

    i'd not bother with the hrm for the sprint... i find that there isn't much about pacing at that distance (it's more go so hard it hurts... )

    for oly it might be more helpful, but i'd concentrate on training with it so that you know what the intensity feels like, and work to that.  with any luck you'll be way outside the zones you have been training with and might find a new max hr!

    trisuits are usually easier for shorter distances (less chance of a midriff appearance!) but can be a let down as races get longer and you might want to stop for a comfort break. shorts and top also can be used for other stuff / mixed and matched. it's really whatever you can find that you like!

    personally, i go for as fast a tyre as i can get that has a fair amount of pnucture protection. sadly, those tyres ain't cheap (my pref is for conti gp4000s, but they are pretty steep). if you are only using them for races then you could take a risk on the pnucture procection and get something fast and thinner, and suffer the risk of sorting a tube in a race. what have you got at the moment and do you like them?

    if this is your first season then consider doing what you can with what you've got and if you enjoy it work through the upgrades! 

  • Hi ris...thanks for the reply,,,bike currently has Kendra sopmthing or others, but I keep getting punctures.....

  • risris Posts: 1,002

    you do pay for what you get with tyres, but i wonder whether something relatively budget but with a good reputation might be an improvement. i have some michelin lithion 2's on my winter bike and they've impressed me (for the price).

    if £40 a tyre for gp4000s (or the schwalbe / vittoria / vrendstein equivalents) is pushing it then they might be worth a look. 

  • They seem quite a good budget buy,,thanks for the tip...does it make much difference if you chose rigid or folding tyres ?


  • risris Posts: 1,002

    i should know but i don't...  i've used both sorts but most tyres i've bought have been folding. i don't think there is much in it. 

  • lol,,,,,,that seems the best answer  

    I think I'll order myself a set,,thanks again

  • rob chalmersrob chalmers Posts: 113

    I'm running Michelin Sport Dynamics (or Dynamic Sports... ) £9.99each, they're not the lightest tyre but they seem great for puncture protection , accidentley riden over glass, crash debirs, radom street crap and they're still holding up fine!

  • so if I'm going to order a new set of tyres should I go for 23 or 25 ???

  • Andrew4Andrew4 Posts: 190

    That is a question and a half really. Considerations

    1. Speed - depending on your wheels either might be faster (wheel aero dynamics hugely complicated) but assuming you have entry level wheels the skinnier MIGHT be faster but to be honest for most of us there will be little to nothing in it.

    2. Comfort - 25mm will generally be a slightly softer ride (also can be run at slightly lower pressures).

    3. Puncture resistance - 25mm with generally have a lower chance of suffering a pinch flat which is always good seeing as no amount of puncture protection in the tire casing can save you from that!

    In conclusion - you might as well go for the 25mm knowing that they are unlikely to be overly detrimental to your race and might be a touch more comfortable over any bumpy sections.

  • risris Posts: 1,002

    there is some evidence that 25's don''t lose much (if any) rolling resistance, and are more comfortable. personally i ride 23's but i'm not 100% sure why. 

  • rob chalmersrob chalmers Posts: 113

    My Michelin Dynamics are 23's

  • Andrew4Andrew4 Posts: 190
    ris wrote (see)

    there is some evidence that 25's don''t lose much (if any) rolling resistance, and are more comfortable. personally i ride 23's but i'm not 100% sure why. 


    Haha - my sentiments exactly as I got to the end of writing my post

  • 25's it is,,,,thanks guys

  • 1. I don't think the HR monitor will like being submerged during the swim so ditch it. Use a watch/Garmin to judge your pace.

    2. The chamois pad in triathlon suits - or triathlon specific cycle shorts is thinner so to as the Americans say "you don't feel like you're running wearing a huge, wet diaper." What ever you choose to race in make sure you've swum, cycled and run in it first to see how it feels.

    3. There isn't really a puncture-proof tyre but some have better puncture resistance than others. Always check your tyres the night before a race an pick out any embedded fragments of stone with a cocktail stick/tweezers. 

  • I still use my HRM during Sprints - just to keep things in check.... most of them are absolutely fine being submerged - my Garmin HRM-Run has no issues at all after a lengthy session underwater!

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