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HELP PLEASE ... Wheels or Aerobars?

Hello all,

First time poster here so I hope I don't fall foul of any forum etiquette here. I recently completed my second Sprint Tri and have 3 more lined up this summer.

I'm a beginner who's really keen on improving. My biggest weakness is on the bike. I have a Specialized Allez Sport which is great for me as a newbie to the sport.

But I wanna be faster in the saddle and I've been advised to get new wheels that are lighter and spin for longer - at around £450 budget - or even a cheaper alternative, aerobars, to combat the wind. It was a cycle shop chap who recommended the wheels and a semi-pro triathlete who suggested the tri-bars ..

But what do you all think? Would aerobars look silly on my middle of the road bike? ... And what would help more, being super aero, or quicker wheels?

All advice appreciated image



  • rob chalmersrob chalmers Posts: 113

    Got tri bars on my £330 budget bike from Decathlon!,  to be honest I think you'd see more of a gain/£ on £27 tri bars than £XXX on wheels

  • risris Posts: 1,002

    value for money i'd go bars, for blingyness i'd probably go for the wheels! 

    don't worry about what the bike looks like, it's the engine sat on top that's important. my first road bike was an allez sport (still got it, poor thing has been relegated to winter hack and is treated with the utmost disdain), it had a set old school second hand profile design century - quite heavy - aero-bars that did me really well. 

    i might even have a pair of s-bend clip ons in a box somewhere if you want something cheap! 

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