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Healing a Rub-through

Morning everyone, 

Just wondering if anyone had any quick remedies for healing a patch of skin theat been rubbed through by my trainers


Weirdly, I bought these runners about 3 weeks ago trained in them no problems, did a supersprint in them  with no socks and wet feet - no probs. But last week I went for a run in them without socks and they rubbed through the skin just below my ankle bone (forgot the technical term). 

I've waited until it scabbed then tried running with socks, but it rubbed through again. 

Is there anything I can do to lessen the risk of another rub through? or make the current wound heal faster? or Just protect it so I can compete in (relative) comfort this weekend? 

Really don't want to chuck these runners away as they are really comfortable (Apart from this) and I seem to run faster in them!



  • risris Posts: 1,002

    do the shoes need a bit of softening up? i'm wondering if the heel cup is shaped in a way that is irritating your ankle. you could see if it is a particular bit of the shoe, perhaps a seam, that is doing the damage. are they a bit loose in the heel cup (could you tighten the laces a touch to prevent any excess movement)

    in the short term (while your skin heals up / gets a bit tougher, and the shoes soften) you could tape / plaster up the area. 

  • Andrew4Andrew4 Posts: 190

    Zinc oxide tape to cover the hotspots. This stuff is generally pretty waterproof, although not sure how it will fair in a full on tri swim it will definitely keep you training and prevent further rubbing.

  • Compeed blister plasters or colloidal healing plasters - possibly held in place by zinc oxide. 

  • rob chalmersrob chalmers Posts: 113
    Thanks everyone I'll be heading down to the shops before training tomorrow!!
  • Jamie220Jamie220 Posts: 168

    Hi Rob, are you using the lace lock trick to hold them firmly in place?

    Take a look here:


  • pauloscazpauloscaz Posts: 12
    Without a doubt, compeed a are the way forward whilst it heals. Mega comfy, seem to stick better in the wet. Better than skin (almost!). I use them all te time.
  • rob chalmersrob chalmers Posts: 113

    are compeeds waterproof? just thinking if I can get away wih one during the swim leg of a GoTri Aquathlon I'm doing on Saturday - can't get to a pool until then!


  • Andrew4Andrew4 Posts: 190

    Compeed should be waterproof - if you zinc oxide tape it you should definitely be ok.

  • rob chalmersrob chalmers Posts: 113

    Belts and braces for my run tonight:

    Tighter laces,





    tank tape on the offending area of the shoe (incase it was a seem/texture related)


    6km done not a prob  

    thanks everyone!


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