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Deeper aero wheelset

Hi all, I'm looking for opinions. I'm delving into the aero wheel set world - I'm currently on a set of shimano's and I want to upgrade. I know much of it is personal preference etc but I'm looking for opinions are circa 80mm wheels too deep / overkill? The likelihood is I'm not going to go over Olympic distance. I'm obviously looking for the bling factor too to go on my giant propel. Originally I have been looking at 60mm wheel sets but have just seen some 80's I like. Will 80's bee too sketchy for general training rides? I'm not too fussed about longer distance rides as the standard wheels will go on for the weekend rides outs. Thanks in advance. Jack


  • rob chalmersrob chalmers Posts: 113

    60 front 80 rear  ;)

    (mixing depths makes you look like a pro)

  • In short:

    80mm can be a handful in the triangular cross-scetion old school brnads

    80mm is not fast and 60mm slow

    You have to be able to handle the bike so a 60F/80R may be better for many - and many brands off a mix of wheel depths

    You have to put some proven low rolling resistance tires of 23-25mm to make the most of the wheels

    Don't leave there race on the bike - it's always cemented by a solid run


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