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Unwanted Emma Pallant

MazMaz Posts: 12

Ok. I'm confused. So Emma Pallant is the current British super series champion.

In April she finishes 10th in WTS Cape Town then a week later with that race and the jet lag in her legs goes to Turkey in tough conditions and still comes 7th and is the 2nd Brit in the Rio test event qualifier.

She then doesn't make the Rio test event squad to be passed over by ladies who haven't raced at all this year and in the case of one not raced at all last year either.

This week I have sympathy with her and with Kevin Pietersen who both you have to question have been really shabbily treated by their governing bodies.

The difference here is that Emma appears not to have written a book, is young, and is one of the brightest triathlon talents to emerge in this country in years.

Lets also remember she is still currently unfunded, again odd given her pedigree and potential one might say.

One has to ask, what more does she have to do??



  • All the ladies have raced this year apart from Non. Both Jodie and Helen had higher placings in the races that Emma contested.

    The simple answer is that Emma isn't fast enough swimmer (over 1500m) and while she is strong on the bike remains off the pace in the run (relative to the top triathletes) ...

    Not to mention her running under the ITU banner in previous seasons.The Olympics is a massive step up from British super series racing so it sounds a bit like you are expecting too much.

    I guess Brit Tri they are wanting to go with known quality (past World Champions and Commonwealth Games medallists) than with an injured runner turning to triathlons. 

  • Couldn't agree more with Avid Spectator. She didn't exactly make many friends racing for ITU. She isn't a fast enough swimmer. Not to take anything away from her 10th place at Cape Town, but half the field wasn't there. Who from the GB squad should be replaced by Emma Pallant? Perhaps Non Standford was given priority as she is U23 and Senior Word Champion. 

    Here are her results over ITU races:

    Cape Town 2015- 10th

    Abu Dhabi 2015- 50th

    Stockholm 2014- 27th

    London 2014- 50th

    London 2013- DNF

    Stockholm 2013- 30th


  • MazMaz Posts: 12

    All valid points. And all well presented. However you seem to miss my point entirely, which is why not send her to the test event to see how good she is then?

    Surely that's the point of a selection race rather than fill it with people basking in the glory of in some case very very old results. 


  • Did they have a limit to the number of athletes one country could send? 

  • MazMaz Posts: 12

    Interesting comment "an injured runner turning to triathlon".

    So let's do the injury thing shall we...

    so Helen Jenkins for instance, not had a consistent year since 2011. did the 2012 Olympics knowing she was injured at the expense of others, How many injuries??

    vicky Holland, never really consistant you could say. How many injuries??

    non stanford, great year in 2013, fell off the Triathlon scene completely for 18months. How many injuries??

    Jodie Simpson, couple of good races start of last season and end of the season before, where has she been, how many injuries???

    And I would looks at Emma's WTS stats and say theres a triathlete in only her third season who has already achieved a top 10 finish after only 6 races....

    And lets remember Rio is another year away yet. Plenty of time for our supremely fragile 'best' ladies to get injured again...

  • I agree Maz ... plenty of injured GB women out there. You make a reasonable argument.

    I guess what stands out for me is that she is around a good 1min 20sec behind lead pack in the swim (most of her results have been in 750m swim) which basically takes her out of the equation for podium ....

    All these injured women when they are prepared can be up close to the front of the swim ... and can all certainly run faster than her so I can see why they have chosen they way they have.

    I guess Emma has to race them as many times as possible over the next year and a bit .... beat them so Brit Tri will be forced to take notice.

    All the best to all the triathletes mentioned and like they say 'may the best woman win'



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