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I'm 5 weeks away from my first Triathlon. I've reached the race distance in bike/run using the 220 triathlon olympic beginner plan. My swimming is very weak. Should i just now concentrate on swimming? scale down the others or just stick to the training plan? 

Any advice please!


  • Hi, so it's an Olympic you're doing? I'm in my 2nd yr of Triathlon so have gained a little wisdom, mainly from mistakes but also from talking to others and getting help from my club. Ideally keep going with the plan but if you're worried about the swim, perhaps spend a little more time on it, particularly if it's an OWS. Get your wetsuit on and spend some time pacing the swim - so nice steady strokes, controlled breathing to make sure you're comfortable. remember the suit is buoyant and so if you take your time in the water you'll be fine. As something you may have heard already, don't go bananas on the bike to make up time from the swim as it'll empty the legs and your run will suffer. Push by all means but within your limits and most of all, enjoy it.

  • Andrew4Andrew4 Posts: 190

    Michelle, its worth remembering that swimming takes more effort to make the same gains. Swimming unlike the other two disciplines puts a premium on technique whilst running and biking are, for most people, limit by their cardiovascular output.

    At this stage you are unlikely to solve all your swim technique issues (if your swim is as weak as you suggest) and therefore trying too hard to do so is unlikely to give substantial gains... so generally stick to the training plan.

    BUT - if you can squeeze in an extra technique session (maybe with a club or a structured session) each week, perhaps cutting back on a bike or run session (maybe alternate) this may well help you smooth off some of the rough edges and boost your confidence in the water.

    As Damian says make sure you get used to your wetsuit as well.

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    i'm probably agree with andrew and damien - 5weeks may not make a huge difference to your swim if you are still fairly new to it. an extra swim (again, i'd agree with focussing on technique) won't hurt, though, but i'm not sure i'd scale off the other stuff too much. 

    the big picture is probably to do whatever gives you confidence for the day - if getting the extra swimming in makes you feel like it is getting you to the right place then why not! so much about taking part in new challenges is feeling like you're standing at the start having got yourself there in the best you can. 

    good luck! 

  • Hi all, thanks for all your advice, its much appreciated! Yes Damian, it's the Olympic.

    I have had some good swimming lessons with an instructor concentrating on technique and have also managed to do an extra open water swim each week, so even though it's still going to be my weakest discipline i feel much happier.

    So, i have only 1 week to go now!


  • Andrew4Andrew4 Posts: 190


    Good luck, and remember, once you get out there the most important thing is enjoy it (and take on some nutrition - this helps with the enjoyment factor).

    I hope your first tri experience is as enjoyable as mine was.


  • I find all the suggestions and advice quite helpful and informative. =) I also agree with Andrew's -- "most important thing is enjoy it" since in everything you do, being happy while doing it makes it an incomparable experience and worth to treasure.

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