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Grafman Advice

Andrew4Andrew4 Posts: 190

Hi all

I am doing the Grafman in June. I was just wondering has anyone done the race? If so what was on offer at the Aid Stations? I am trying to finalise my nutrition plan and this will obviously be very helpful



  • Hi Andrew,

    As a member of NiceTri Club who regularly marshals and races at the NiceTri Events, I hope I can be of good assistance. Furthermore, I myself raced Grafman in 2014 as my first middle distance so I was in your shoes this time last year.

    In regards to aid stations, here is some info by discipline:

    Swim = Needless to say I dont believe there are any formal aid stations out of the swim to transition.

    Bike = Im positive that there is only 1 feed station, of which you will visit on 2 occassions, located at Upper Dean turn point (furthest end of the double-back straight you'll do). Last year on offer there were marshalls handing you bottles of water and high 5 gels as you passed, and if you wanted to stop then I believe there was flapjacks and a small biscuit assortment. You visit this aid station at both 38km and 70km into the bike leg!

    Run = You will always be within 2ish miles of an aid station during the run leg as there is 3 different stations. Similar to the bike, energy gels, water, high 5 drink, biscuits and flapjacks should still be on offer. The feed stations are at both the turn around points (so one at the end of the dam, the other just after the car park turn point) and finally there is a water station as you pass the transition area each lap. To be more specific, you will pass a station at approx: 2.5, 4.5, 6.5, 8, 9 & 11 MILES during the run stage.

    You can view the bike GPS route which shows the aid station point on it here: http://ridewithgps.com/routes/7436198

    You can view the run GPS route and try to understand my description points here: http://gb.mapometer.com/running/route_3700768.html

    Should you have any more questions/queries then you can always call Keith (event organiser) using this number: 07539 213097. or alternatively visit the nicetri events home page and click on Grafman Middle Distance.

    Thank you very much, im sure you'll have a great day out and enjoy the national award winning event!

    Kurt Sanders
    Twitter: @srednastruk

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