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How do you track your pace in a race?

Hi, I'm trying to work out how best to track my pace/ effort during a race. I tend to use different devices for each section when training. My concern Is that each will take too long to setup during a race. How do you guys tend to keep check during a race?


  • bathtubbathtub Posts: 280

    I use a Garmin 910XT,although there is a newer version out (920XT)

  • risris Posts: 1,002

    depends on the race.i have a bike garmin and a run garmin and definitely use the former and maybe use the latter. 

    short distance stuff i tend to work on feel - essentially whether i think i want to give up in the next 30 seconds. if i do then i'm in the right place, if i feel ok i need to work harder. things like hr are sort of meaningless for me over sprint (perhaps even oly) unless i think the number needs to be higher.

    for middle and full distance i tend to use the garmins more, on the bike i track speed, with an arbitrary average in my mind, and a lot of feel for how tired or hard i am working. i find that topography blows my hr around too much to be really helpful. the best measure for effort on the bike is a power meter and i don't have one.

    i'll usually grab my forerunner in t2 and accept it might take a few mins to sort its life out. i usually look at time / pace to judge any rests / nutrition. i might glance at hr to see if it matches with my rpe. 

  • Thanks to you both for your answers, appreciate it. I think I'll use my garmin edge 510 for the bike section and forerunner 110 for the run then.
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