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hi, need a bit of advice really.im currently riding a planet x stealth with pro carbon 50 wheels.

Tbh I want rid of them and im looking at a descent set of normal rims.any suggetions?

current shortlist consists of

shimano rs81c24 or c35

mavic  cosmic elite

mavic kysrium elite

fulcrum racing 3

just want stiffness, reliability and lightweight..and not to be battered by cross winds!


  • Alasdair-GAlasdair-G Posts: 21

    I ride Fulcram racing 3's

    They are lovely, sturdy wheels but have bladed spokes which can be an issue for some speedo's.

    No issue with potholes / bumps in the road so far and great in the cross winds, plus you can pick them up for just over £300.

    Sorry I can't comment on the others on your list.

  • Andrew4Andrew4 Posts: 190

    I have Fulcrum 3s, wheelset is great, love it. It's just a shame that the freehub body (pawls, pawl springs etc) and their customer service are dog awful. Had a broken pawl spring (this is an internal part which had literally snapped in half inside the freehub) inside 6 months, took photos sent them to my dealer who pinged them off to Fulcrum (made by Campy) and I was told "sorry we can't just send you a new spring we need you to send both wheels back to us (at my cost) and we'll send them to Fulcrum to get them fixed and it will be 3-4 weeks" - this is a freaking 99p spring, but because no-one stocks Campy it's also almost impossible to find, (especially as a single and not in a multi-pack) so I wound up having to order a 99p part online and pay £4 p&p.

    In short, lovely wheels, crummy service and perhaps sketchy build quality - you have been warned.

  • nam441nam441 Posts: 2

    thanks for the advice chaps. still haven't decided what to do yet. part of me wants to sell the carbon rims and the other says keep em.

    the issue was the side wind effect from the deep rims ,it really knocked my confidence so as a result I descend like an old lady. I put the stock shimano r500 back on and it was so much more fun downhill. that's why I thought just upgrade to a better spec standard wheelset, hence the thread...


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