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I bought an £8,000 bike from these guys that was supposed to include a fit. The fit was a joke and lasted barely 30 mins. The bike setup was poor with two independent mechanics subsequently finding faults and the shop didn't provide me with everything that was supplied with the bike (such as Zipp valve extenders). When I raised these issues with their management I was accused of blackmail and they rubbished the other mechanics advice. I have read many similar reviews from other customers on Trust Pilot and Yell review engines all complaining about poor customer service and the aggressive and disrespectful way the staff and management respond to customer feedback. When their are eleven reviews for a company and six of them have all rated just one star this says a lot. I just wish I'd read the reviews before I gave these people my hard earned cash. Do business with these scoundrels at your peril.


  • TriUK are a complete farce!
    I bought an ex-hire bike from them at London Triathlon 2015 and while arranging transport they substituted it for a larger, faulty one. The rear cassette  was incorrectly assembled and the chain was too short. This alongside the front mech not having adequate travel for the gear set meant that when I rode it the chain was constantly grinding in the low range gears and jumping from one gear to another sporadically. The chainwheel was damaged while changing to high range due to additional tension on the chain with it being too short.
    I had contacted them but they didn't respond until I started posting reviews, which they reported and attempted to have removed. I posted on their Facebook page and we seemed to be making progress, but even that broke down and I got fed up with it and asked them to collect the bike and refund me. They then said I should return the bike to them! My company solicitor is now on the case and will pursue them in court.
    They have removed all posts from their Facebook page (but they can't remove my review!) and they are now going around all the sites I reviewed them on posting fake 5* reviews to 'hide' mine.

    DO NOT GIVE THEM YOUR MONEY! You'll regret it if you do!

  • StooDoggStooDogg Posts: 30

    Can you not report them to Trading Standards? Or even Watchdog? It would seem that you both have solid grounds to do so.

  • ToppsTopps Posts: 2

    Probably StooDogg but to be honest its more trouble than its worth. I'm just hoping enough people read this and think twice about buying from them. They are the biggest cow boys I've ever come across. Disgusting.

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