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How to read training program


I am a beginner triathlete and cant figure out to read the training progam.  Is there a site that explains the training in detail.


i.e. what does "  15 mins skill work + 5 mins of 50’s with 20m fast in each. Main session: 8x100m building pace from just below,(#1,2,3), at (4,5,6) to above (#7,8) race pace – all 60” RI). Include 4 x kick 25m, 20sec RI, repeated." mean ??



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  • risris Posts: 1,002

    ah, the old swim jargon. can't beat it (and you didn't have lifo in there. lifo. i'm sure i know this one... lifo... li-fo.... nope...*)

    i read this as:

    warm up

    15mins skills work - sounds like you should be doing technique and drills type stuff to improve your overall stroke quality and efficiency. there are loads of simple swim drills - chicken wing, 3pulls 6kicks, zip up, catchup, single arm.. etc.

    5mins of 50s with 20m fast in each - blocks of 50m (4 or 6, perhaps) with 20m of that 'fast'. for example - sprint the last 20m of each 50m block. have a rest between each - probably 10s.

    main set

    8x100m building pace from below race pace to above on 60s rest interval (RI), include 4x25m kick on 20sec rest intervals (RI)

    so go:

    1x100 steady (60s rest)

    1x100 hardish (60s)

    1x100 at race pace (60s)

    1x100 at faster than race pace (60s)

    2x25 kick (sort of recovery - 20s rest)

    and then start from the top of the 100s.

    don't forget to do a cool down, and perhaps do a bit of backstroke to open out your shoulders after (probably) doing a load of freestyle / front crawl.

    you do get used to all this jargon! 


    * lifo - 'last in, first out'. for when you are swimming with a group at a training session. the first swimmer starts the next block when the last one in the group arrives at the wall. the rest you get is therefore determined by how many other swimmers are there. 2 or 3 and you are going to get very tired. 5 or 6 and it's rest central

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