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Am I missing something here?

I was thinking about hiring a better bike for future events and very helpfully the London Tri website has a link to TriUK's Hire pages.  

On there you can hire £150! Bargain!

When I clicked on the link  it showed me that you'd get a Giant Defy 4 (2015) for a season...... 

But you also have to pay a £400deposit and £25 for Postage. Total impact on your credit card £575.

The thing is a Giant Defy 4 is on £575 brand new. 



Now I know if you're very careful, you'll get back your £400 deposit at the end of the season and in theor you've only actually paid out 175quid, but for me I was thinking of hiring to take out the initial sting. If you've got to commit just as much money up front, I don't quite see the point. 

Plus spec wise my current wallet friendly Triban 500se (£330 including fit and alternate stem) is a pretty close match, in fact I bought it over a 2013 spec Defy that had been reduced early this year. 


  • HarryDHarryD Posts: 425


    Don't think you are missing anything. These sort of deals work if you are organised and comply strictly with the return conditions. How many triathletes would fit that category?

    What I'm missing is why you want to upgrade to a bike that is 'a pretty close match' to the one you already have. Isn't the Defy more of a sportive than a race bike? Just like the Triban. Both bikes being excellent value for money.

    If you're after more speed think about upgrading to an aero helmet or buying better or even deep section wheels.

  • rob chalmersrob chalmers Posts: 113

    I did want to upgrade (still do) I was lulled in by the £150 for a season button and wondered what I would get for that.

    when I saw it was the Defy, I realised It wasn't much of an upgrade....  then I noticed the costs

    The plan is now, as you suggest, to stick with the Triban and upgrade it a bit. 




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