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First Triathlon

Hello all! 

I am dong my first sprint triathlon in a weeks time and still have no kit. i have been online for days looking and reading reviews.. 

I am 5ft10 so need a tri suit or 2 piece that is good for the taller lady.. I'm used to be comfortable during my runs and rides due to having good running and cycling kit.. however I'm finding myself lost with tri kit... please help ladies!! :P 


  • risris Posts: 1,002

    hi thetilstar! not long to go for sorting out a tri suit / shorts then! are you planning to go into a shop or order online?

    if you are starting out then you might find it easiest to work with the established brands - orca, 2xu, zoot etc. to be honest most of the wiggle / chain reaction (etc) stock will probably do you a really good job if you are looking in a hurry.

    it depends on what you are planning to do on race day (putting a bike jersey or t-shirt on in transition, or using a race belt for your number, that sort of thing) that means you might be using some kit you already have. if not then for short distances i prefer trisuits, and for longer distances a 2-piece becomes more useful. 

    the tricky thing with a 2-piece is not having a big gap between the shorts and top - it can look a bit retro and is easily missed when putting on sun-screen and can get burned!

    i had an orca trisuit in my first few years and it was really good, and i've used sugoi shorts in a 2-piece with no problems. my club kit has been made by 2xu and champion systems and both have been good. 

  • risris Posts: 1,002

    it occured to me after i wrote this that:


    might be of interest to you if you are going shopping for trisuits!

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