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Tiger frog clothing, any good?

Does anyone know if Tiger Frog clothing is any good, I need some new shorts to train in (more holes then shorts in mine) but don't want to spend a lot as they will only be for training. Any ideas please Thanks Sam


  • Brilliant! It's on my wish list, thanks Sam
  • Both me and my girlfriend brought tiger fox trip suits and they are really good...very comfy and nice pad...defiantly recomened them
  • I wouldn't use tiger frog again. Their customer service is shocking. I was returning an item and was in email contact with them. They knew I was returning the item but failed to tell me they would be out of the country for over a month so there wouldn't be anyone available to receive the item. Before they got back to receive it the post office had lost it. They were not helpful and not sympathetic to the fact i was now out of pocket. I will not be using this company again.
  • Definitely stay clear of Tigerfrog. We ordered it for our club kit. 5 week delivery ended up being 19 weeks. Poor customer service. Blamed it on unforeseen circumstances, namely Ramadan. Like calling Christmas unforeseen. When we got the kit, it lasted 5 minutes. Zips broke, material bobbled and the print rubbed off.

     Worst sports company we have ever dealt with!

  • I used TigerFrog's cheapy sub brand FFS (FreeFlowSportswear?)  its great! light, breathable, strong

    The red panels bled a bit of dye after the first use and I took a friends advice to crimp the zip slightly to stop it bursting (I'm a bit chumby) but for £35-ish quid I can't complain after a season+training

  • umm.  I was gong to ask the same question as tritriagain.  kit looks good and had a tri top / suit with sleeves.  reviews are mixed so will wait for a bit.  what about the skins 400?

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