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When to buy a wetsuit

Hi everybody,

I'm building up to an Olympic distance tri in September, with an open water swim.  I'm new to swimming and so far can do about 300m non stop, and counting!

I'm going to buy a wetsuit but is it with waiting until my swim is better (technique is still improving) before buying or is the extra few weeks not going to make a difference in suit selection


  • swissgavswissgav Posts: 2

    I definitely think it's worthwhile doing a good amount of your training in the wetsuit. Will give you a good feel for how it is to swim with the extra buoyancy.

    Also have you already settled on which one you want to get. You can always try renting one for a season. Prices are usually fairly reasonable and that way you can avoid the big outlay.

  • Dan SDan S Posts: 8
    Thanks. I actually ended up going to Triit Sports in Chichester, trying a couple on and buying one (Zoot Z3 in last year's colours). Now for open water training!
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