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Wattbike facility in Gloucestershire

Hi all, 

I have just opened a Wattbike facility in Gloucestershire and I need to now start spreading the word about it. Long time setting up with little time to promote and advertise. 

If anyone is in the area and would like to come and try it out I can set up discount codes for all 220 members. 

I am also a Sufferfest studio so I can offer 17 programmes with the two 92" screens. 

We can put you through various different fitness tests from Rubber Glove by Sufferfest to the British Cycling RAMP test - these are without question the most difficult tests to get your Functional Threshold Power/HR score, but well worth it. 

Website is www.suffershireindoorcycling.co.uk 



  • We are holding a free week of Wattbike sessions, so if anyone can make it to Cheltenham between the 12th and 17th of October, please book online and use code 1FREE.


    This includes Fitness Tests too, including Platinum worth £50.


    booking www.suffershireindoorcycling.co.uk

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