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Bike shoes for wide feet

Can anyone recommend bike shoes that are suitable for wide feet. 


  • Lake shoes are great. My husband and I both wear them.

  • btomjbtomj Posts: 3

    If you've got wide feet (which I do), buying triathlon cycle shoes or even trainers for that matter is a massive pain in the foot.

    All I would say is that Mavic's are very nice but a waste of time if you're wide of foot. Bonts are more generous and are nice shoes, but if you don't have a high arch, you'll find them uncomfortable (they're not as moulable as their marketing has you believe). They're also super stiff. SIDI Megas are the wide-fitting variant, but never tried a pair and I don't think they do a Mega tri shoe.

    I'd read that Lake Shoes were quite wide generally and that they come in both normal and wide fitting variants. I found a couple of suppliers in the UK, but surprise surprise, neither of them stocked the wide versions and neither wanted to order in a pair from Holland for me to try on unless I committed to buy.

    I ended up buying a standard fit Lake shoe and, if I'm honest, could have probably done with the wide fit. I do however own a really cheap pair of Shimano wide fit normal bike shoes and they're incredibly comfy, but far from the lightest or stiffest shoes going.

    "Wide-fitting" and "triathlon shoe" don't really go together is what I eventually ascertained from my research.

    On a separate note, my major gripe is that retailers, particularly physical bike shops (as opposed to the internet retailers) seem very reluctant to actually stock anything. This makes trying before you buy a real pain and it's all guess work.

    I had the same thing with wetsuits the other day - a certain retailer advertises that it believes you should "try before you buy by swimming in a new suit", but when I asked to try a Blue Seventy Helix to see what difference it makes over my existing Fusion, I was laughed at and told they're "too expensive" to try.

    No sale.

    Rant over though........good luck with the shoe search.

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