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Cheap frame

I have destroyed the frame on my winter/commuting bike. Does anyone have experience with the ribble ally TT frame. I cannot warrant getting a carbon for what I am going to use it for and I do not really want to spend much more, on something that may get dented. the reason behind the TT frame and not a standard road bike a) its heavy (1.6kg) reasoning if I work harder in training its easier in racing. b) Geometry will be roughly the same as my race bike.

Many thanks in advance


  • risris Posts: 1,002

    how are you intending to use it? as a tt or a road bike set up? is your race bike a tt or road bike? i know plenty of people who have ribble frames / bikes and really enjoy them, but for a winter / commute bike i'm not sure i'd want a tt set up and wonder how odd the geometry might be if it is set up as a roadie, if that makes sense...

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