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Huub Aphotic Goggles

I read the review on here about these goggles and they sounded excellent and ordered some - the most expensive goggles i've ever bought.  They arrived in a clear plastic bag, no case and i've used them twice now and they have fogged quite badly on both occassions.  Anyone else experienced this - they fog far more than other goggles i've used before and spit doesnt work!


  • risris Posts: 1,002

    i've tried the aphotics and they were pretty good - i had no issues with fogging up, but the fit was pretty good for me.  what works for you with goggles is often down to face shape and one person's favourite can be another's nightmare. 

    presuming you are struggling with open water - i tend to wet my face and get it acclimatised to the cooler water and also give whatever goggles i'm using a bit of a rinse in the same water. i pop them on and then dunk my mush in the water with them on before lifting them off my face to check the seal is good. i don't usually get problems with fogging, but that may be my choice of goggles rather than any of the above! 

  • JameslyJamesly Posts: 69

    Thanks for your thoughts - the fit is great and the rubber is very soft so they feel very comfortable - i've only tried them in the pool so far - will try open water next week.  I have a anti-fog spray i may try and see if that works.

  • Hi, Just received my HUUB Aphotic goggles,  I have only used them once in the pool.  Great fit but fogged up badly.  Did you manage to resolve your fogging problem.  Can you use anti-fog spray on these lenses?

  • BeldoBeldo Posts: 3

    FIT goggles are a great fit, and are truly anti-fog, would highly recommend, especially for sighting distances they are exceptional. www.frequencyintensitytime.com

  • ColShiColShi Posts: 6

    Have only used the HUUB Varga googles and they are great. Have had no problems with fogging up, but then I never have with any goggles! Agree with Ris that everyone's face shape is different. It took me a long time to find goggles that didn't let water into my left eye!!!



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