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Wind - of the weather kind, not baked beans

I went up to Liverpool at the weekend to see the in laws, and on Saturday I went for my first bike ride for a month (don't ask) from Liverpool up to Southport (15 miles north of Liverpool), a nice gentle 30 mile round trip.

I managed to wipe/reset my cycling computer before I even started, so no computer for the trip, then the moment i got on my bike it started to rain. But fearless and in my new winter gloves/top/jacket combo (thank you Aldi) i set off, and was soon cruising along quite merrily, remembering how much I enjoy being on the bike.

Out into the countryside and all as well, the dual carriageway was comfortably negotiated, and it did get a bit blustery along the coast/dunes coming into Southport, and the rain really got going, but I was happy enough.

I got a bit lost coming into the town and went to far along to beach, so looped up and turned onto the main drag from the north, and the moment I turned onto the road and ................




The reason I had been enjoying my ride so much was that I was being assisted by a 25mph wind, which I now had to battle all the way home again.

And of course it rained the whole bloody way home.

My feet were soaked and numb, so getting them back onto the pedals when is topped was fun, my legs had wind burn, my nose was running like a tap and i was KNACKERED.

I cycled past 2 stations on the way back and seriously considered stopping and getting the train back, but somehow i managed to keep going.

When I got back there was no elation/joy, just pure relief that it was over.

Heading out i got to Southport in 56 minutes, heading back it took me 1 hour 25 minutes! I passed a few other cyclists on the route and the guys heading south were all working hard and grimacing, so at least I was not alone in my suffering.

Those buggers on the OMM got off likely if you ask me - the BBC should have been interviewing me about MY harrowing ordeal.

Still hopefully it will be better next weekend when I go out in Bristol .....right?


  • GHarvGHarv Posts: 456
    What doesn't kill us makes us stronger!

    I hope.
  • treefrogtreefrog Posts: 1,242
    Just get stuck into it! Although whinging about the wind ans shouting at it helps
  • bennybenny Posts: 1,314
    I encountered similar (hilarious!?) situations a few years ago.

    Seems second nature now to start riding head winds first![:)]

    Should be great when on race day things are vice versa!!![:(] I'll be the one suffering BIG time.[&:]
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