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Two 70.3's

Hi, I recently completed my first 70.3 at Ironman Staffs in 6:35, so very much a back if the pack happy to finish standard. It's got me totally hooked and am looking at entering the Cotswold Classic middle distance tri on 23rd August. It's 8 weeks away, is this too close and if not, what sort of training volume would I need to be doing in this 8 weeks? To to put a spanner in the works, I'm doing my second marathon at Chester on 4th October. (First being London this year in 4:20) Am I being too ambitious and should I leave the Cotswold classic for another year?


  • Alasdair-GAlasdair-G Posts: 21


    Well done on your first 70.3, 8 weeks in plenty of time for your second in fact it is almost ideal.  You have enough time to recover, build on the areas you thought your were weakest, peak and taper in time for the race.  I don't have any specific training plans to help you other than the Don fink books which suggest two weeks recovery.

    As for your marathon I'm not the best person to ask  but you have all the aerobic training you need and there is time for more run specific training before a marathon.


    All the best and good luck!

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