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Delayed ice bath

Does anyone know how effective ice baths are if they are not taken immediately after training? Like so many others, I have to squeeze training into a busy schedule    and usually only have enough time for a quick shower before I go to work or dash off pick up the kids. If I were to have an ice bath anything between 45mins or even 8hrs after training would it still be effective or would I be putting myself through a lot of discomfort for very little benefit. 


  • Hi,

    I could not give you an answer with regards to the time factor, I think it is generally accepted that the sooner the better. 

    What has been proven is the fact that there is very little difference between having an ice bath or just a regular warm (with Epson Salts). 

    I have tried both and naturally have opted for the warm, this worked for me and I have had several after lengthy brick sessions during my IM 70.3 Training. Legs recovered quickly and felt fresh for my subsequent sessions. 

    Give them both a go and then pick whichever suits your own needs.

    Good Luck


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