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Possible stupid question..bike sizing/setup.

I've had history with neck/upper back pain with my current bike when cycling over 16km.  I've tried various changes to try to relieve it with no success.  The reason I mention this is that I went to the gym the other days and did a full 20k ride averaging 100 rpm and no pain or niggles at all.  So my question is, and it might be a stupid one, is how much can I take away from this experience.  Would this suggest my road bike setup is wrong (wrong frame size, seat too high etc) or are the two completely unrelated? 

The gym bike had the seat lower that the bars, and I was able to rest my elbows on the bar which would make it a more compact setup.  My road bike feels more stretched out in comparison.


  • rob chalmersrob chalmers Posts: 113

    I'd suggest getting a professional fit, tigerfrog.co.uk do an online fit service and this can help get rid of pain, discomfort etc as well as unlocking power and efficency

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