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Blimey Legs Still Sore

pippip Posts: 170
I did Horwich Tri on Sunday May 1st and today Weds my legs are still sore. That was probably the toughest oly distance tri i can think of.Mega windy,,mega hilly bike coarse and even hillier run coarse.Straight out of transition in to a headwind up a 10% gadient for 2 1/2 miles is no fun.Thankfully the run was shortened by 3 k due to the moorland fires but the run involved going up 4k climbing about 400 metres and straight down 4k.I did the uphill section in 35 mins and the downhill section in 15 minutes.Major cramps on the way up.
So the question is ,whats the longest that your muscles have been sore after an event.
PS i've done the stretching and gentle bike bit and went for a swim today too and they are just about starting to feel normal again


  • shadowone1shadowone1 Posts: 1,408
    I done Horwich last year and the run to the pike is something else...... never again.

    Generally it can take a few days to recover but sometimes up to a week depending on the individual. Did you put compression on after the event?

    Took me a week to recover fully but I was still doing active recovery after the events, so little spins on the turbo, gentle jogs etc.

    Ironman Uk - took a month off. In fact I ended up with 5 months off cause I buggered my knee...
  • BlinkybazBlinkybaz Posts: 1,144
    Recovery is different for us all. I like shadowone1 like to do some active recovery. Small runs and cycles and even a swim if I can. Slow and steady. Compression garments are great idea and make sure you keep stretching. Did you stretch after the evnt.?

    Well done on finishing the tri by the way!
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