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Talkback: Jenson Button Trust Triathlon 2015 – in pics

I was there #393 was down on my racing calendar as a "F" race not as in A B C but in FUN!!

The day just got better and better as the weather cleared and then realising I was racing in the Same Heat5 with Jenson & Jason Bradbury was a bit exciting but not as unnerving as fining out I made the Grand Final cut off (something I did not expect nor prepare for) So Double the distance it was, sun out, horn sounds and bang suddenly the "FUN" turned into "Fast" and hammer down all the way to the finish! finishing 54th overall and 24th in my AG 30-39 which included Jenson and the winner lol was a good days racing. (Even more so when you consider I could only watch at last years event as I couldn't swim!) JW

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