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Medal Rust

I keep my medals in a small, dry box under the bed.

A few months ago i noticed what could be described generally as a sort of rust appearing on them.

Not the usual orangey/red rust you have on a car or what not but in some cases a greeny/yellow substance around them. In some cases it's a few black spots.

I've separated them from the others as i think it may have been spreading!

Has anyone else had this? Any solutions?


  • If I had any medals i would wear them round my neck, constantly. I don't think this is a problem I'm ever going to suffer, unfortunately!!!! Oh you could try cleaning them and wrapping them so they do not touch!
  • AngiemacAngiemac Posts: 40

    Greenly/yellow is probably the result of the salts from your sweat reacting with copper in your medal. Clean it off, give the medal a rinse, dry carefully and gloat in private. 

    PS it shouldn't be "catching" unless next to a medal of the same material or sweaty conditions continue.

  • froggerfrogger Posts: 24


    Thought they may be rotting away leaving me with only the medal ribbon

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