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Draft legal worries

I'm fairly new to the sport but utterly hooked, this is my first season and have had a few good finish positions. I'm looking to buy a Tri bike this winter, with the aim of picking up a 2015 model a bit cheaper, looking at spending around 2.5k and was thinking shiv or p2. I'm a little concerned though about the impending rule change to draft legal next year for age groupers, although I'd love to be one, im not there yet, but Im worried about sinking all that cash into a bike to find I can't race it, or that loads of normal tris become draft legal and I can't use it? Do I sit on the cash, buy a Tri bike or admit to the wife I've been secretly saving and she spends on a holiday? Thoughts please


  • HarryDHarryD Posts: 425

    Draft legal is only coming in for Sprint not Standard or longer distances. I suspect draft legal will only happen in some Sprint events such as ETU/ITU qualifiers and Championship events. For safety & legal reasons they will probably need to be on closed roads.

    The actual details have yet to be worked out. I think if all Sprint events had to be draft legal many would cease to exist because Highways Authorities and organisers wouldn't want to take the extra risk.

  • Andrew4Andrew4 Posts: 190

    You're unlikely to get anything draft legal on open roads which seriously limits what can be done. There are a huge number of events which simply won't work as draft legal (open roads, Eton is almost certainly too narrow) and if you go middle or up you won't be draft legal.

    i am buying a new race bike in October/November and I'll be buying a TT bike and not a road bike... So go figure. I wouldn't worry.

  • bathtubbathtub Posts: 280

    There were nearly 700 permitted Triathlon England events in 2013 I would imagine that figure has grown in 2014  and 2015.

    Because of the issues stated above by Harry and Andrew there is likely to be a very limited number of draft legal events in the future which still leaves a lot of races for everyone who does not wish to race draft legal.

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