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Walking in T1

I bought a new bike about a month ago with clipless peddles with the full intention of having the shoes pre-clipped in for my race and doing a flying start. But with my first race tomorrow that clearly isn't going to happen without the risk of me falling off and taking out a few other riders. So my question is, do I pop down the bike shop this afternoon and get some different peddles or do I put on my cycle shoes in T1 and walk carefully to the bike mount line (I'm assuming you can't put your shoes on after the bike mount line).


  • bathtubbathtub Posts: 280

    You can put your bike shoes on after the bike mount line if you wish providing you don't obstruct other competitors coming out of transition.

    If you have never practiced a flying bike mount before race day is not the time for a first attempt.

    I would assess the transition area race morning to determine whether to put shoes on in T1 and walk or carry past the mount line and then put on. If possible see if you can watch what other competitors are doing prior to your start.

    Whatever you choose Good Luck with your first race and have fun.

  • risris Posts: 1,002
    EvansP - what did you decide to do and how was the race?
  • Evans PEvans P Posts: 10

    Thanks for asking ris. 

    I put the shoes on in T1 and briskly walked/slowly jogged with them on as this is what a lot of others were doing. I got there early and tried it out while it was quiet and everything went fine (no crashes) . 

    The race it self was great and I loved every second of it apart from the first 100m of the swim (I can see why they call it the washing machine now). I finished towards the back of my wave with a time of 1:25 (sprint) but I can see plenty of areas where I can improve. 

    I'd like this opportunity to say that I'm so impressed with the whole triathlon community. I received so much help & advice from other competitors, I probably learnt more in the hour leading up to the race than I have in the last 6 months. 

    Really looking forward to my next race now. #hooked 

  • risris Posts: 1,002
    Glad to see you enjoyed it! First races are always a learning curve, and you gain so much just seeing the different approaches to transition, kit etc on the day.

    I was getting my stuff together for a race a couple of weekends ago and was reminded that I used to have a checklist I would print out! Now I just wing it and figure I'll work round most stuff

    The aquaruck can be a bit challenging, but you learn to find ways to make it fit your swimming style (front / back / centre / wide). Bit of practice and you'll get more comfortable.

    Got anything booked to follow up with? Still plenty of season to go!
  • Evans PEvans P Posts: 10

    Nothing booked yet but would like to get something in September. I'll wait and see how much of my training plan (and healthy eating!) goes out of the window during my holiday before I decide.

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