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Hi, I`m doing my first ever triathlon - the London Super Sprint, and a friend has said i should use slime inner tubes to prevent possible punctures, has anyone had any experience of these and is it worth doing?




  • risris Posts: 1,002
    I think it depends on your tyres and how well you accept risk - if you think you have good, robust tyres you trust for the conditions then does adding the slime inners make much difference? If you got a puncture would it be a race ending disaster or would you accept the time to fix it and get on with the race?

    Personally, I've got tyres I trust and a pretty relaxed attitude to time lost on race day. Stuff happens in races, after all
  • HarryDHarryD Posts: 425

    Steve, Slime has a pretty good record of doing what it says it does. However, the additional weight will slow you down. The more tight corners and hills the greater the effect can be.

    Alternatively 1) get some puncture resistant tyres with a racing pedigree such as Continental Grand Prix 400SII's, others will be able to recommend alternatives 2) Always run your tyres at the manufacturers recommended tyre pressures 3) post ride check the tread for stones, flints, glass etc and remove as over time they can worm their way though to the inner tube 4) always ride in the road rather than the gutter where punctures live. Even with Slime still follow these points.

    Enjoy your race

  • Andrew4Andrew4 Posts: 190

    I wouldn't ride with slimes in a race, as observed by Ris they add weight (and quite a lot I have heard). What might be worth looking at are some of the innertube sealants that take about 20secs and also inflate, if it works its a quick fix and if it doesn't then its only a small price to pay in light of the 5 minute + puncture stop.

    Also, practice changing tubes quickly or at least getting your tyre off the rim and putting in back on. If you practice a tube change can be done in about 3 minutes with a clincher.

  • thanks for taking the time to reply guys, thats made my mind up and I wont be using slime, i`ve changed plenty of tubes over the years so will make sure i have a spare.


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