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WTS Hamburg mixed relay

MazMaz Posts: 12

Confused. How did we have such a massive difference in the performances by non and Vicky compared to mark and Gordon. 

Both boys managed to throw away what at times were healthy leads given by the girls. On both swim legs the boys leads disappeared before whilst still in the water and on both run legs they literally went backwards. And before you all cry 'but Gordon fell' he was already behind and just went Further behind. 

Were they all not in St moritz together? Have they not done an altitude training camp before? Why the massive difference in performance? Let's not forget we only got the bronze because of the German penalty. 

And before people shout 'the boys will be flying in a few weeks', that's just not good enough And won't bring back an opportunity to win this years relay world title. 

Mark himself tweeted:

"@TriBucko: Midfield at #WTSHamburg, struggled again coming down from altitude, blown the cobwebs out for the relay tomorrow hopefully."

The cobwebs clearly weren't blown were they and struggled Again. Again?? so he knows he struggles coming off altitude training and yet is still put in a relay squad immediately after altitude training and is a flat as a pancake. So come on Brit tri, what gives??? This isn't rocket science is it. 





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